"NYSAE provides an excellent environment to learn new legislation impacting the association community, an opportunity to share information, and to hone leadership skills." Mary Jane Eimer, CAE, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, led by the Chair and executive committee, are responsible for directing the organization, its finances and resources. All committees report up to a board liaison.

Awards Committee

Develops categories and criteria for awards to be presented by NYSAE. Actively seeks recommendations from members for the various awards and recommends awardees to the Board. Identifies qualified members and determines recipients for the Awards. (Meets 3-4 times per year.)

CEO Connect Committee

An exclusive support network of high-level peer leaders and decision makers from associations and not-for-profits around the NY metropolitan area. CEO Connect is for networking, fostering dialogue, discussion and debate around critical business issues, sharing high-level interests, practices, operations and trends. The forum meets 2-3 times a year, CEO Connect is a valuable platform and targeted program for all senior leaders.

Education Committee 

Determines the educational needs of members and potential members and provides opportunities to address those needs. The committee, which includes the chairpersons of the Professional Development, Technology and CAE Career Enrichment Committees, is responsible for determining the vision for educational efforts, providing oversight of allied committees in program design and implementation and identifying and addressing any shortcomings in educational efforts. (Meets 6-8 times per year)

Meet NY Committee

Advises and counsels the NYSAE Board of Directors and staff on plans for the annual Meet NY. Reviews and makes recommendations on all arrangements, including program, promotion, message, and theme. Develops recommendations and procedures directed toward member participation improving exhibit segment of program and assists in selling exhibit space. Works closely with the Vice President of Meetings & Conferences and Staff on all aspects. (Meets 4 times per year.)

Membership Committee

Steadily increases the membership of NYSAE with an emphasis on expanding participation of association executives, managers and CEOs in not-for-profit organizations. Attracts and retains a membership with emphasis on diversity by ethnicity, race, and religion. Assures that all members feel welcome. (Meets 4-6 times per year.)

Public Affairs Committee

Under the direction and with approval of the Board this committee will identify issues of importance to NYSAE members and their organizations and involve them in advocacy issues. In addition, individual members of the committee may be asked to help develop and maintain relationships necessary to be an influential leader in decisions that impact our profession. Committee Members may also be asked to contribute to the development of the New York Metropolitan area in order to make it a viable place for organizations to do business. (Meets 2-3 times per year.)

Technology Committee

Helps members develop and expand their knowledge of available or emerging productivity tools and services related to: (1) management information systems; (2) communication technologies; and (3) office automation. Provides members with general guidance for both specific tools and overall systems and related methodologies. (Meets 3-4 times per year.)